Watch Jelani Imani's New Visual "Ya Hear Me?" feat. David The Tragic

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Two kids talk big shit and ask you to don’t speak unless spoken to in “Ya Hear Me?”.

As a creator, small talk is equivalent to chump change, and when your time is money, you want to spend it wisely. Those who demand 100% of your attention don’t understand the importance of your craft or that there are specific deadlines to be met.

Or, some people say a lot & don’t say anything.

This presentation has been brought to you by the adorable and incredibly animated artist Jelani Imani, one of the unique artists out of the Atlanta underground scene. Jelani uses his voice as a profound instrument, exploring with sound and inflection to allow his delivery to be more expressive and vibrant. He takes the melodic & mellow sound of the track and places life into it with energetic flows, lyrical pacing, and personal animation.

In contrast to Jelani’s vibrant display, David The Tragic slides in smoothly with a sultry & leveled delivery. David is known for being poetically influential, captivating his audience to concentrate on anything that he speaks. The compatibility between these two artists is unmatched and could never be duplicated with many other artists in the same lane as them. Together, they create something amazing, and that will never fade away.

Watch "Ya Hear Me?" right now via YouTube.