bckgrnd. check: Introducing Shamba + Her Artistry, Musical Journey, and Influence

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

With her latest EP release Reset, Shamba is stamping herself as a badass artist who is not afraid to experiment in her artistry. The four-song EP is heavily R&B with hip hop influences. The project flows sonically and makes you feel like a boss ass bitch. As Shamba puts it on 'Lights Out,' "this for hot girls, who like staying in their lane."

Shamba's musical journey started in the church. "I sang beside my family in the choir. That was and still is my favorite part, singing with my family," Shamba says. The daughter of a signed musical artist, Shamba, was exposed to the industry at a young age. "Growing up, my mom was a signed artist, and she brought me with her everywhere to her photo shoots, video shoots, performances, etc."

"I was watching the future I wanted to play out. I started mimicking her, and the dance moves from music videos I had seen on TV, and that's where my love for performing came to me. The crazy thing about it all is my dream was to be a dancer first. It then progressed into me desperately needing an outlet and turning to write. Initially, it was my writing short stories and poems, but that then became me writing songs."

When it comes to drawing inspiration, Shamba states that her inspiration can come from anywhere and at the most random times. "Most of my songs are relationship-based, so new love interest inspires me. How something makes me feel inspires me. I may forget what was done or what was said, but I'll always remember how I felt. My day to day life inspires me. The lives around me inspire me. Anything can provoke inspiration," Shamba says.

Her creative process involves her listening to potential beats on a loop and then going back to pick and choose what melodies she likes the most. "I record at minimum four freestyle tracks, then go back and pick and choose melodies and words that I like. That's my usual creative process. Throughout the day's random lines/lyrics come to me, and I write them in my notes. Same for melodies, my voice memos are flooded daily. Sometimes it takes days for me to complete a song, sometimes hours."

Shamba is an artist who lets her vulnerability show through her music. Her vulnerability and rawness in her music prove to be reminiscent of some R&B legends, such as H.E.R and Jazmine Sullivan. These are artists that Shamba looks up to & would love to work with in the future.

As far as what's to come for Shamba, you can expect to see more visuals. Likewise, you can also expect more collaborations from her with other artists and producers. "Expect elevation," Shamba says.

Shamba's Reset EP is available on all music platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.