Surf Levels Up & Becomes The “Badder Human”

You should never underestimate the power of growth & healing. Do you know what it feels like to overcome your biggest battle of heartbreak and adversity and become stronger than you were before?

Surf releases his second album Badder Human, an elite version of the man he was in the past. In this album, he channels his higher self as he is more aggressive when in the previous record he was more vulnerable & broken. Badder Human is when he learns to let go and channels all negative energy into something more significant— himself.

Badder Human takes on a more braggadocious approach, solidifying his name and presence amongst his adversities. He calls out others on their fraudulent actions, announces himself as the blueprint, and tells others to take note. He sees visions of a better lifestyle, and advise others to either get right or get left.

Level up and listen to this album right now on Apple Music & Spotify.

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