Watch Bree Runway's Sizzling New Visual, "Hot Hot"

“You can never do it like a Brenda!”

British-creative & visionary Bree Runway releases a sizzling new video to her latest single, “Hot Hot,” delivering high sex appeal and stunning visuals of color, fashion, and aesthetically compelling elements.

Interpolating Busta Rhymes’ 2005 hit “Touch It,” she provides a hypnotic rendition to the iconic drum line with self-confidence and presentation lyrics. It’s the perfect song for the soon-to-come summer heat as the world begins to blossom in a new & energetic atmosphere.

“This pandemic hasn’t been easy on the brain, and with being indoors wearing joggers 24/7, it’s been hard to be a hottie, so I’m hoping the track will help!” she stated, credits to UDiscover Music.

Bree Runway is one of the brightest artists rising to stardom, landing her in critically acclaimed lists such as PAPER, Vogue, The Independent, and the BBC Sound of 2021 longlist. You don’t have to worry about keeping an eye out for her— she’s captivating to watch.

Watch “Hot Hot” by Bree Runway right now on YouTube.