Watch Cam The Artisan's Latest Visual, "Brown Skin."

Updated: May 29, 2020

Cam The Artisan released a poppin' anthem for black women celebrating their confidence, intelligence, beauty, and fashion in his latest music video, "Brown Skin."

Hailey is the love interest, and Asha and Kyla are her homegirls. Cam walks past the girls having lunch together. The girls have a fan moment and encourage Hailey to try to get his number. She approaches him, and with a small engagement of conversation, you see the two of them spark a connection.

Within the song, Cam expresses great interest in a beautiful brown-skinned girl, with "skin like cinnamon."

What's your type?

Watch the video right now on YouTube.

Directed by Kevin Cruz.

Stream the single right now on the official bckgrnd. playlist.