What's Your Life Like — Stream Jahnai's Newest Release, "The Life" EP

Jahnai’s ability to create a retrospective collaborative has always been one of his strong suits. As you listen to “The Life,” you can see his passions & progressions as he uses melody and reflective lyricism to convey his story. Only featuring his close brothers SwaVay, Hadi, and a new personal introduction to the artist Dysfunctional Ron, Jahnai continues to keep an intimate flow within the creation of his projects.

The production is atmospheric, almost sounding like you’re in a dream. This EP is to play during summer days & mellow summer nights. Jahnai’s cadence and voice inflection allow his words to resonate deeply with the listener.

For those who are unfamiliar with this artist, Jahnai is an Atlanta rap artist & member of the independent collective DOLO Records. It features the prominent artists SwaVay and Hadi. Jahnai has been releasing music publicly since 2017.

The theme of “The Life” EP is growth & perspective. You get to see the world through the artist’s eyes and hear how certain situations and circumstances affect him & how he’s been living since he’s prevailed through particular challenges.

His previously released projects include “Lower Class” EP, “Fortunate” EP, and a collaborative project featuring Hadi titled “Life Is Good, I Promise OK.” Do you notice a theme?

You can stream “The Life” EP right now on

Apple Music & Spotify.