Zaia Is On The Run On The "Innerstate" In His New Visual

It’s another ordinary day as Zaia walks into a local corner store to pick up a bottle of Coke before his little trip, his AirPods blaring music. Simultaneously, a young black man walks into the store, enraged and extremely charged. The suspect, wearing a white T-shirt, dreads, and dark pants, robs the cashier of all of his money and dashes out. Zaia returns to the cashier and places the bottle of Coke on the counter.

The cashier stares at Zaia with a frightened and confused gaze. Zaia stares back with the same amount of confusion. He then places the money on the counter and leaves. As soon as Zaia opens the door, he is greeted by a police officer with her gun out, and with a loud tone, she yells, “Get down! Get down now, or I’ll shoot!” Zaia is wearing a white T-shirt, dreads, and dark pants. Watch Zaia’s newest visual “Innerstate” as he is now on the run for a crime that he never committed over a heart-racing drum beat, electrifying and euphoric synths, and his smooth vocal delivery. Don’t worry. You will enjoy the extremely informing eyewitness report by someone in the community. Listen to the track on our official bckgrnd. playlist. Watch the video on YouTube.